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Still unknown pearl of Europe, extraordinary destination

Montenegro is still quite unknown country with a large number of mountains that rise above the crystal blue sea, wild rivers, and located in the southern part of the Mediterranean. With rich architectural and cultural heritage and natural beauty of Montenegro, often referred to as "Hidden Pearl of the Mediterranean" it is an ideal destination for those who love exciting holidays. All who visits Montenegro as well as local residents perceive Montenegro in their own way, but they all must agree that the beauty of Montenegro can't and must not be ignored.

Roughly Montenegro can be divided into three regions, with every region having its own allure, but all offering a combination of natural beauty with treasures of culture. Especially the places were those regions melt into each other, creating marvelous scenery.

In this beautiful country which has an area of ​​only 13,938 km2, it should be noted that diversity is just amazing. We should also mention exceptional and rarely described, beautiful monuments like the Ostrog monastery, which is one of the three most visited Christian destinations on the planet, built in a wreath of the mountain, and built by Basil of Ostrog, the Metropolitan of Herzegovina from the 17th century whose powers are still in the monastery, island of Mamula on which the fortress which was built in the mid-19th century by Austro-Hungarian general Lazar Mamula, Skadarsko and Black Lake, and as always original Balkan hospitality. The natives will make sure you are not up from the table without a round belly after a good meal. And as with most Mediterranean peoples it takes little to make a good festival, and the Montenegrins are no exception especially in the summer months, festivals such as the Bokeljska noć and Kotor Carnival are a must see if you are visiting Montenegro.

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