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Skyros is the largest and easternmost island of the Sporades archipelago, located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Due to kind of isolation, Skyros didn’t succumbed to the commercialization and mass tourism, thus is preserved its traditional charm and unspoiled nature. The northern part of the island is forested and mountainous while the southern part is dominated by steep and arid massifs of mountain Kokhilas. On Skyros live about 3,000 inhabitants who are traditionally engaged in agriculture, handicrafts and breeding autochthonous breeds of ponies.

The main settlement on the island is town Skyros or Chora, built on a hill, one of the most attractive towns in the Aegean Sea. Town is adorned by traditional stone white houses between which intertwine extremely narrow and interesting streets. The main port of the island is Linaria, located in the bay on the west side of the island, provides a safe haven from strong etesian winds. North of the Linaria port is a gas station for boats.

Although the coast of Skyros is mostly steep and inhospitable, there are several accessible and nice beaches, and the most beautiful are Papa Ta Chomata and Aspouss. Island Skyros has a small airport which connects island with Athens and Thessaloniki.