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Nisyros is a small volcanic island of the Dodecanese archipelago, located between the islands of Kos and Tilos. Nisyros is relatively round shaped island in the center of which lies a fascinating caldera diameter of 4 km. Although the island's volcano is active, there are no eruptions, but volcanic fumaroles emit steam. According to legend, the island was formed during the war between the Greek gods and giants. The island has about 1,000 residents who are mainly engaged in agriculture and tourism.

The largest settlement on the island is the town and port Mandraki, and from other smaller villages there are Nikia, Palo and Emporios. Mandraki is characterized by traditional Aegean architecture with lots of narrow and tortuous streets. Town doesn’t abound by tourist facilities, but few lovely restaurants and bars make it very charming. Nikia is a village located in the interior of the southern part of the island, and is particularly known for its beautiful church and an ellipsoidal square.

The beaches of the island of Nisyros are unique and provide a special experience. The most beautiful beaches are Lies, Katsouni, Pachia Ammos, Lefki and Gialiskari. This unusual and idyllic island will attract you at first sight and create an unforgettable experience.