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The power of Mother Nature with volcanic activity has made that from the depths of the Aegean Sea emerged one of the most beautiful Greek island, Santorini. Santorini or Thira is an island located on the far south of the Aegean Sea, belongs to the Cyclades archipelago. Santorini is an island of rich and interesting history and place of the largest volcanic eruptions in Earth's past; 3500 years ago eruption has flooded greater part of island creating a recognizable caldera. According to legend, on the place of today’s Santorini, there was an ancient Atlantis, which was flooded by volcanic eruption.

The island has about 15,500 inhabitants who are mainly engaged in tourism and agriculture (cultivation of grapes and tomatoes). The most important places on island are Fira, Oia and Perissa. Fira is the capital and largest town, situated on a large cliff on the west side of the island. One of the main attractions is the cable car which connects the port with the town. Fira is adorned with traditional Cycladic architecture, with many narrow streets and stairs clogged with donkeys which are the main means of transport. Fira is full of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, souvenir shops and groceries. 10 km north of Fira is situated town of Oia, one of the most beautiful places in the Cyclades archipelago.

Santorini is full of magnificent fairytale beaches, and certainly the most attractive are the black sand beaches of Perivolos and Perissa, on the eastern side of the island. Also, should be mentioned the beautiful Red beach on the southeast coast. Santorini has one marina located on the south of the island, which is also the only safe mooring. The island has an airport which seasonally connects Santorini with almost entire Europe. Wondrous beauty of Santorini has circled the world and ranks it among ten most beautiful islands on Earth.

Ocean Star 56.1

Base: Santorini - Vlichada/Vlichada port
Year: 2008
Length: 16.55 m
Cabins: 5
Berths: 10

Ocean Star 51.2

Base: Santorini - Vlichada/Vlichada port
Year: 2007
Length: 14.91 m
Cabins: 5 (4+1)
Berths: 9 (8+1) LICENSE FOR 10

Oceanis 473
no name

Base: Santorini - Vlichada/Vlichada port
Year: 2003
Length: 14.00 m
Cabins: 4
Berths: 8