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Ten kilometers southeast of the island of Euboea lies the second largest island of the Cyclades archipelago, the island of Andros. Andros is mountainous island of the magnificent nature and landscapes, full of fertile valley and the gorgeous beaches and coves. Andros is full of valuable cultural - historical monuments, churches and monasteries along with rich cuisine and touristic content attracts increasing numbers of tourists and sailors. The island has about 10,000 residents.

Main places on island are Andros, Gavrio and Batsi. Andros is island's largest town and municipality, located on the west coast of the island. Andros is one of the most beautiful cities in the Cyclades archipelago characterized by beautiful neoclassical buildings and traditional Cycladic white houses with red roofs. The main port of the island is Gavrio, on the west side of the island, which provides the safest place for anchoring. If you can’t find free spot in the port of Gavrio, anchor in the nearby port Batsi.

And what kind of Cycladic island would be if it isn’t adorned by beautiful heavenly beaches? One of the most beautiful beach of the island is Ahla, magnificent sandy beach on the eastern coast of the island. On the north coast there is also a very attractive beach Zorkos. Anyone who visits the island Andros says that they could stay here forever.