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At the entrance to Argolic bay, 5 km southwest of the Peloponnese peninsula, lies the small Greek island of Spetses. Spetses is a mountainous island, covered with pine forests and underbrush, with a pleasant Mediterranean climate. It is believed that the name of the island of Spetses derived from Venetian called "Isola di spezzie" which means island of aromatic herbs.

The island population was in the past engaged in agriculture and fishing, while today are mainly oriented towards tourism. The main place on the island is town Spetses where live almost the entire island population. Spetses is a picturesque town with an old town center filled with traditional houses and mansions. The town is full of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and souvenir shops. On the island Spetses traffic is forbidden for personal vehicles, so the main means of transport are bicycles, carriages and local taxis.

Although it has relatively poorly indented coastline with only few bays, the island Spetses is adorned with several nice and attractive beaches. The most beautiful beach is certainly Agio Anargiri, pebble beach located on the southwestern part of the island. Due to its excellent location and proximity to Athens, Spetses is very popular nautical and tourist destination.