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Aegina is a Greek island located in the middle of the Saronic Gulf, 30 kilometers southwest of Athens. Aegina island is mostly of volcanic origin and on its fertile land islanders bred pistachios, cotton, olive trees and vines. The island has been inhabited since the third millennium BC. The island is full of numerous sights and monuments of which the most important is temple of the Greek goddess Aphaea built 500 BC.

On Aegina there are several popular tourist destinations like Agia Marina, Marathon and Souvala, and main town on the island is town of Aegina located on the northwest side of the island. The city is adorned by neoclassical architecture, narrow streets, beautiful seafront and a multitude of restaurants and shops. You can moor your boat in the port or marina Aegina and available is also a fuel station.

In addition to beautiful nature, Aegina is also adorned by beautiful and attractive sandy beaches full of tourist facilities. The island of Aegina is also known for its rich night life that attracts young population. To this picturesque and charming islands you can sail with boat from Athens or Piraeus.