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Rijeka is Croatia's largest port and third largest city in Croatia. The rich history of the city of Rijeka has left a mark on countless sites.

One of the major attractions is the „Rijeka Carnival“, also known as the "fifth season" in which masks rule the city of Rijeka. Although in the wider area of the city can be found traces of habitation from the Paleolithic and Neolithic, the earliest settlements to the present area of the city is considered the Celtic Tarsatika on Trsat hill and resort Tarsata by Illyrian tribe Liburnians in a natural harbor on the coast.

The Old Town, situated on the right bank Rječina lost many historic buildings, but still represents the heartbeat of the city. Beneath its streets are a valuable archaeological excavations and a tangle of old tunnels.

Town Rijeka is the center of Istrian peninsula and Kvarner region, and very important economic and touristic center.