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The best sailing holidays destination in the world

Croatia is located next to the Adriatic Sea and its terrains. It superbly spreads from the Alps slopes and deep into the Pannonian Vale to the banks of Drava and Danube rivers. The country is thoughtfully surrounded by Hungary to the north, Slovenia to the northwest, Serbia in the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast and Montenegro lies on the south. Further, its capital Zagreb is also famous as the largest city in entire Croatia and inhabitants all over predominantly prefer to speak in their native language Croatian.

It seems wealthy because of Roman ruins, incredible treasures of natural wonders, and medieval hilltop castles that have helped it hugely to come out from the shadow of previous Yugoslavia. Whilst here, you may encounter pleasingly unique landscapes and continental Croatia that abounds in natural loveliness which guarantees to excite you. It is so because it has forested land, gorgeous Plitvice Lakes in Lika, rivers full of fish, deep gorges of Gorski Kotar, and the swift mountain streams. However, scenic vineyards and rolling hills of the Croatian Zagorje, as well as impressive mansions and fortifications are worth-calling you here to discover the best experience of your life.

Croatia has an amazing 5,835km of coastline, 4,057km of which belongs to islands, cliffs and reefs. There are 1,185 islands in the Adriatic, but only about 50 are populated. The largest island is Krk (near Rijeka) which has a land area of 462 square km, whilst the country's other well known islands include Hvar, Brac, Korcula and Pag.
The climate is Mediterranean along the Adriatic coast, meaning warm dry summers and mild winters, with 2,600 hours of sunlight on average yearly - it is one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe! In the interior of the country, the climate is continental with hot summers and cold, snowy winters.